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Bubbles & Bows ,

Hi , my name is Evonne Mitcham .

First I have to let you know that I am grateful to God for the opportunity I have to been given this business so that I may Pray with people who need Him and spread the Gospel when possible. This place is His first.

I have loved animals all of my life, as a child I always wished I would have gone to school and become a Veterinarian . I never believed in myself enough to even push myself towards that dream so the years went on and I pursued many other fields of work but my heart was always with animals so finally, I have my dream business and Bubbles and Bows was borne. 

I had a sweet little Black poodle that had been to some very bad groomers allover the country when my husband and I were working construction.I was so frustrated that I had started to groom the poor guy my self. At first I was , Horrible. Then  got better.

Finally I met Debra . I decided one day she needed me to bathe dogs for her and  I had been off work a few weeks so I started working for her. In no time I was grooming with her and  time past so quick I wound up buying her business from her and now  I have a beautiful big shop that has a fantastic customer base.

I love what I do every day, your pets are so important to me. I just enjoy creating beautiful hair for you every day for your pets. We make it our priority every time they come in to check your pets over head to toe . If we find something wrong we try to make sure we let you know. Your pets are so important to us, but then again so are you. This place is more than a grooming shop, "Its All About the Dogs".

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